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Everlast Roofing, Inc. products for agricultural applications are made to be durable, dependable and affordable. Designed to maintain their attractive look for years to come, our metal roofing and siding products are virtually maintenance free. When you choose Everlast Roofing for your animal confinement and agricultural building needs, you’ll have the option to select from a wide variety of colors and features to suit your building project. The three main roofing and siding profiles include: Everlast II™, Everdrain™ and Twin Rib.

Everlast II™

Everlast II™ offers an attractive board and batten look for your structure. Its crisp, clean and symmetrical appearance and energy efficiency make Everlast II™ perfect for any agricultural building project. Besides offering easy installation and a weathertight seal with its interlocking panels, Everlast II™ is designed with a deep antisiphon groove to protect against leakage.


Like Everlast II™, the Everdrain™ profile also features a symmetrical board and batten appearance to complement any agricultural structure and interlocking panels to provide a weathertight seal. Each Everdrain™ panel is created with a deep drain channel to protect against leakage and offers water-, fire-and wind-resistant properties, as well as an energy-saving design. Antisiphon groove to protect against leakage.

Twin Rib

Made from 100% recyclable aluminum, Twin Rib panels are designed with an exposed fastener system, making them ideal for agricultural applications. Energy-efficient Twin Rib panels are available in a 3/4” rib height with 36” of coverage and resist damage caused by water, fire and wind to protect your building for years to come.

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