Everlast II Panel

Everlast II

Everlast II Panel

Everlast Roofing, Inc. has created a panel just for the light gauge market. The Omni Series is roll-formed in the Everlast II profile. Everlast II is 38” wide and provides 36” of coverage. ribs are 9” apart and approximately 3/4” high with ribs in between that are a full 3/16” high. A stiffener is added to all the major ribs, which along with the thickness of the steel, makes this panel extremely strong. This not only adds considerable durability to your building.

Superior Paint System

Available in 15 Synergy Paint Colors, Everlast has the highest performance resin in the industry employing the best quality, siliconized polyester paint system. This system is enhanced by the metal coating in the industry. The Synergy Paint system is more flexible and therefore better able to withstand the forming process. This results in outstanding barrier protection.

Heat Forming

Cracks allow moisture, which is often contaminated by atmospheric pollutants, to penetrate the protective surface of the coating, and cause the substrate to corrode. In fact, the fractures in the paint can cause a painted panel to corrode at a faster rate than an unpainted panel. At the point where the painted film has been opened, electrochemical cells are established which will promote greater and faster corrosive attack.


The Omni Series is protected with Everlast’s CECI (Cut-Edge Corrosion Inhibitor). CECI effectively decreases the corrosion rate of the factory cut edge. This application is applied to the factory cut edge of all Everlast II’s Omni Panels. Because the corrosion inhibitor applied is a clear product, end users will see virtually no sign of CECI as it quietly protects and effectively decrease corrosion rates, as proven through industry research.


The Omni Series is formulated to deliver ultimate performance. Everlast Roofing, Inc. is confident that the Omni Series will provide you the most corrosive resistant panel in light gauge market. We are backing that performance with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty will provide you the comfort of knowing that your building is built to last.