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Commercial & Post Frame


    Everlast II

    Everlast II Panel

    Everlast II™ is manufactured using our Evercure™ process. Evercure™begins with Full Hard Steel and a heavy duty metallic coating. A pre-treatment is added for superior paint adhesion. Epoxy Primer is applied with the Synergy PaintSystem Finish Coat completing the process. To produce a superior finished panel, the Everlast II™ is Heat Formed™ to keep the paint from microscopic cracking. This process greatly reduces the risk of edge and surface corrosion. The cut edges are then coated with our CECI™ (cut-edge corrosion inhibitor) to provide long lasting durability even on the exposed cut-edge. Everlast II™provides the best warranty the industry has to offer. Everlast Weathertight Sidelap Panels are 38” wide and provide 36” of coverage. They interlock for a weather tight seal with a deep anti-siphon groove which protects against leakage.

    Low Life Cycle Cost & Durability

    High-quality, pre-painted metal roofs afford an attractive lifecycle cost in addition to many other advantages. They will not crack, shrink, or erode, making them a long lasting alternative to many conventional roofing materials.

    Choice of Design, Appearance & Color

    A homeowner can achieve the “designer” look with a wide selection of styles and colors. The aesthetically unique roofs will likely have a positive influence on re-sale.

    Installation Over Existing Roofs

    Pre-painted metal can usually be installed over existing roofs. Disposal of old conventional materials can be difficult and costly. The use of pre-painted metal can often solve this problem.

    Water Absorption

    Properly installed pre-painted metal roofs do not absorb water or moisture. Water can damage most other roofing materials by rotting, cracking, or during a freeze-thaw cycle. Pre-painted metal readily sheds snow and ice.

    Harder Paints

    Heat formed™ hard paints provide a durable and quality finish. Other manufacturers form hard paints at room temperature which causes the paint to microscopically crack.

    Energy Efficient

    Fire Resistant

    Wind Resistant

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