The Evercure Process

Finished PanelCECIAdvanced ToolingHeat Formed Metal

What is Evercure™?

Evercure™ is a process that combines Heat Forming™, Tooling, and our CECI® (Cut-Edge Corrosion Inhibitor) to provide superior barrier protection against corrosion.

How does it work?

Heat Forming™

Heat Forming™ creates a more flexible paint system, which eliminates cracks and provides increased barrier protection.

Advanced State of the Art Tooling

Advanced State of the Art Tooling is another area of excellence in our roll formed products. Using additional stands places less stress on the formed radius of our panel providing for the most consistent panel profile on the market.



CECI® (Cut-Edge Corrosion Inhibitor) is a clear corrosion inhibitor which effectively decreases the corrosion rate of the factory cut-edge. It works by sealing the metal’s cut-edge and also protects it from natural and corrosive elements. Because the corrosion inhibitor applied is a clear product, end users will see virtually no sign of CECI as it quietly protects and effectively decrease corrosion rates, as proven through industry research. These features highlight Everlast Roofing, Inc’s commitment to providing the highest quality components to our customers.

Why Evercure™?

Our customers deserve the finest products available and we strive daily to deliver that. As proven through industry research, Everlast Roofing’s panels are stronger, more durable and less likely to crack over a duration of time. Our goal at Everlast Roofing, Inc. is to incorporate cutting edge technological advances to our products to ensure the highest standard of quality. Evercure™ is just another step in our commitment to bringing the metal marketplace the finest materials in quality building components.